Dress Code

Dress code on the course

  • Ladies shirts must have a collar (Turtle/Roll Neck are acceptable). Shirts designed to be worn outside shorts are acceptable.
  • Men's shirts must have a collar and sleeves (Turtle/Roll Neck are acceptable) and should be tucked in at all times
  • Recognised Golf Hoodies are acceptable
  • For Ladies, tailored shorts, cropped trousers or trousers. No external pockets.
  • For Men, tailored shorts above the knee or long trousers. No external pockets.
  • Recognised white golf socks with shorts. Trainer socks should be visible
  • Recognised golf shoes
  • Caps worn the correct way round
Not Acceptable
  • Football Shirts, Rugby, T Shirts, Numbered, Track suits
  • Shirts pulled outside of trousers/shorts
  • Sports shorts, beach shorts or cargo shorts/trousers
  • Non White Socks
  • Training/Running shoes, Flip Flops

Dress code in the clubhouse

We respectfully ask that smart clothes are worn in the clubhouse.

  • Footwear is to be worn at all times
  • Sandals, smart canvas shoes(without socks in hot weather during the summer) and smart trainers allowed
  • Tailored shorts
  • For Men, all shirts / T-shirts are to have a collar, and be tucked into trousers/shorts
  • For Ladies, shirts designed to be worn untucked are acceptable
  • Smart Jeans that are not frayed or ripped
Not Acceptable
  • Muddy or wet clothing
  • Outer clothing and hats - these items should be left in the changing rooms
  • Flip Flops